Månadens måsteläsning om domedagen

Nicholas Vardy skriver underhållande och informativt om varför domedagsprofetior och domedagsprofeter alltid har fel. Låt mig börja med att citera en lista över hur fel de haft.

Madsen Pirie, president of London’s Adam Smith Institute, recently compiled a list of failed doomsday predictions from the last 50 years. The list is impressive.

1966: Oil will run out in 10 years
1967: Famines by 1975
1968: Worldwide overpopulation
1970: World’s natural resources run out
1970: Ice age by 2000
1970: Water rationing in U.S. by 1974, food rationing by 1980
1971: New ice age by 2020 or 2030
1974: Satellites show new ice age is near
1976: Scientific consensus that Earth is cooling
1978: 30-year cooling trend continues
1980: Acid rain kills life in lakes
1980: Peak oil in 2000
1988: Regional droughts by 1990s
1988: Maldives underwater by 2018
1989: Nations will be wiped out if nothing done by 2000
2000: Children won’t know what snow is
2002: Peak oil in 2010
2002: Famine in 10 years unless we stop eating fish, meat and dairy products
2004: Britain will be Siberia by 2020
2008: The Arctic will be ice-free by 2018
2008: Al Gore predicts ice-free Arctic by 2013
2009: Prince Charles says we have 96 months to save the world
2009: Gordon Brown says we have 50 days to “save the planet from catastrophe”
2013: Arctic ice-free by 2015
2014: Only 500 days before “climate chaos”

Förklaringen till att domedagsprofetior alltid är fel är:

”Human ingenuity has always overcome crises that once seemed inevitable. So don’t buy into any doomsday scenario that predicts the imminent demise of our species.”

Glöm inte läsa om alla andra raljeringar om korkade domedagsprofeter som jag skrivit.

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